Online Therapy

Online Therapy, or Technology-Assisted Counseling, is available with most of the NHC CBT clinical team, at the same rates as in-person services.

NHC CBT utilizes an encrypted, HIPAA-compliant live streaming product to facilitate this modality.

Ask your clinician, or our intake team, if hosting your services online is right for you. It can be a great option for times when you don’t have transportation or if you live far from an in-person service provider. However, not all treatment is right for online therapy. Your clinician will assist in determining this with you.

Important Notes

  • Not all insurances cover online therapy, even when NHC CBT is in-network for in-person services. Ask your insurer, or a member of our Office Team if you have questions about your coverage.
  • NHC CBT Team Members will only utilize online therapy with clients physically in the state of NH at the time of services.