Cost of Services


Cost is always an important factor in constructing your healthcare team. NHC CBT strives to strike a balance between paying our employees a sustainable wage and promoting accessibility of services to people in all socioeconomic situations. To do so, we utilize our emphasis on education and supervision to everyone’s advantage by creating a tiered cost-for-service model.

In addition, NHC CBT accepts insurances which pay our team quality, industry standard reimbursement amounts. To request that NHC CBT accept your insurance, call the Member Services number on the back of your card. If they get enough requests they will sometimes offer a competitive reimbursement package and we are glad to become an in-network provider.

Note that while NHC CBT strives to have all staff on the following insurance plans, not all staff will be in network for all insurances at all times. Insurance companies do not allow us to bill for Master-Level Interns, Master-Level Clinicians or Psychologist, Post-Doctoral Fellows and therefor their rates are significantly reduced to allow access to their services and provide these pre-licensed clinicians an opportunity to develop their expertise.

NHC CBT accepts referrals for services such as TCTS Yoga and other groups, from clinicians on our staff or at other practices. Note that for your well being, a referral and release must be on file prior to starting a group.

Insurances Accepted:



Out of Network*

UNH Students: We are out of network for your plan, BUT you have great out of network coverage! We work with many UNH students. Call us to find out more and we are glad to help you.

*To our Out of Network clients: We accept FSA/HSA accounts and will guide you through learning about and understanding your out of network benefits. We provide a super bill which allows you to be reimbursed quickly by your insurance company. Many insurance companies provide excellent out of network coverage for behavioral and substance use health. Call us for more information.

Private Pay Rates:

Master-Level Intern: $25/session

Master-Level Clinician: $50/session

Psychologist, Post-Doctoral Fellow: $60/session or $60/hour for evaluations

Licensed Clinician: $150/intake, $130/session

LADC Evaluation: $350/evaluation

Eating Disorder or Autism Differential Evaluation: $400/evaluation

Medication Management: $250/intake, $75/follow up

Trauma-Centered, Trauma-Sensitive Yoga: $25/session – must have clinician referral and release

Groups – Various: $10 – 30/session – must have clinician referral and release


For Clinicians:

Licensed Clinicians $125/hour
Candidates for Licensure $200/hour
(includes travel time to candidate’s site)

Specialty, one-on-one Training with

Master-Level Clinician $50/hour
Licensed Clinician $100/hour
Licensed Clinician, Supervisor $150/hour