Continuum of Care

Transitioning out of Intensive Outpatient or Partial Hospitalization for Behavioral Health, Substance Use or a Co-occurring Disorder,  and wondering what is next?

We have found that going directly to classic once-a-week outpatient, individual session is often not enough support to keep your hard earned progress going. So, NHC CBT offers Continuum of Care services.

NHC CBT will connect you with a lead clinician for your services who will recommend the level of treatment most helpful for you along the way. Often a combination of individual, group and family services will be helpful to start. As you transition back into a health routine in your daily life, your services can decrease at NHC CBT. Any time you need extra support, they can increase again. If you are ever in need of inpatient or hospital services again, we will make that recommendation for you.