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Have a belief in evidence-based practices?
Looking to work in a supportive, resilient environment with peers who inspire you to continue learning and growing?
Wishing for a supervised way to expand your clinical skills into new areas while managing client outcome and liability?
Hoping to bring balance into your work through providing a mix of clinical services, evaluations or testing, workshop presentations or supervision?
Ready to be paid what you’re worth, and experience fantastic benefits, all in a group practice setting?

NHC CBT is the place for you.

Now Hiring
Applicants with a fluffy, feathered or winged friend, need apply.

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Licensed clinicians (LMFT, LCMHC, LICSW, LPP, Psychologists)
Hiring One, Full-Time and One Part-Time
Licensed clinicians are the leaders of our team. Most choose to become clinical supervisors as well, LMFT applicants, interested in supervision, will be prioritized. Some clinicians treat adults-only, but applicants who include service to youth will be prioritized.

LMFT – with strong desire to supervise
AAMFT-Approved Preferred
We have the means to provide you an AAMFT-Approved Supervisor, while you supervise, so you can earn your independent status as an AAMFT-Approved Supervisor

Position Available:
W2 Employee – Flexible ┬áRole Part-time/Full-time/Supervisory and/or Clinical

Supervisory role includes:
Attendance at first Friday of the month Supervision and All Team Meetings
Weekly, fully-documented, individual supervision sessions with supervisees
Adherence to Internship contracts or NHBMHP Candidacy terms
Access to all NHC CBT collaborations and direct supervision for yourself with
Sarah Revels and/or AAMFT-Approved Supervisor of your own

Please contact with letter of interest and CV attached

Bachelor-Level Interns
Currently Interviewing for Fall/Winter 2019 & Spring 2020
Learn more about psychology or social work, and get your feet wet in the industry at a dynamic, community-centered, private clinic. A mix of shadowing, educational opportunities and administrative assistance available to meet your hours.

Master-Level Clinical Interns
Currently Interviewing for Fall/Winter 2019 & Spring 2020
Ready to be the someone that someone believes can help them? We know you’re probably nervous, we all were, but NHC CBT is here to provide education, supervision, exposure to the inner workings of a private practice, opportunities to learn about and help care for our therapy animals, clinical shadowing and assisting opportunities and ::gulp:: your own case load. Interns are the breath of fresh air in our hallways. We need you to challenge us, keep us growing and learning and remind us how grateful we are to be, that we are in this line of work. Apply within.

Candidates for Licensure
Hiring One, Full-Time
Time to dive in, and earn hours toward your license. NHC CBT offers a full-time, W2, Clinical position, which includes NH Board of Mental Health Practice, State-Approved Supervision (LCMHC, LICSW, LADC and MLADC supervision currently available. Know an amazing LMFT who would make a spectacular supervisor? Send them to us!!! We’re looking for them!)

Candidates for Licensure see clients of all ages, and will have the opportunity to attend NHC CBT workshops for free. Developing a sense of who you will become as a licensed clinician is an important part of the candidate process. Our supervisors and collaborations are here to help you reflect on this and try putting yourself out there in new ways, to find out all you are capable of!

To Apply:

Email and attach your resume or CV along with a cover letter explaining your credentials and areas of interest.