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Have a belief in evidence-based practices?
Looking to work in a supportive, resilient environment with peers who inspire you to continue learning and growing?
Wishing for a supervised way to expand your clinical skills into new areas while managing client outcome and liability?
Hoping to bring balance into your work through providing a mix of clinical services, evaluations or testing, workshop presentations or supervision?
Ready to be paid what you’re worth, and experience fantastic benefits, all in a group practice setting?

NHC CBT is the place for you.


Now Hiring
Part-time and Full-time

Behavioral Health Nurse Practitioners and Psychiatrists
Whether you want to stick to prescribing, or mix it up and provide counseling services as well, we would love to have you on our team. Feeling a bit rusty in the clinical counseling area? We’ve got your back. NHC CBT’s focus on education, peer support and supervision will provide a customized path for you to build skills in whatever area you like.

Psychologists and Neuropsychologists
Evaluations, testing, supervising and clinical counseling, presenting  Рdo it all Рor whichever parts you are interested in, at NHC CBT. Do we love Psychologists? You bet we do! We are saving a lovely office just for you!

Bachelor-Level Interns
Learn more about behavioral health and get your feet wet in the industry at a dynamic, community-centered, private clinic. A mix of shadowing, educational opportunities and administrative assistance available to meet your hours.

Master-Level Interns
Ready to be the someone that someone believes can help them? We know you’re probably nervous, we all were, but NHC CBT is here to provide education, supervision, exposure to the inner workings of a private practice clinic, shadowing and assisting opportunities and ::gulp:: your own case load.

LCMHC & MLADC – Dual Licensed
Provide supervision, groups, evaluations, individual, couples and/or family therapy based around SUD and Co-occurring disorders. Interested in more? That’s great! So many things impact one another, and helping people who would otherwise be vulnerable to SUD is essential. NHC CBT promotes MLADCs exploring other specialties whenever they desire. Chronic pain, trauma and so many things go hand in hand with SUD, you can never be too trained!

Nutritionist, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, Endocrinologist
Are you a health care practitioner who loves the work we are doing? Maybe don’t see your specialty above? Give Sarah a call! We’d love to talk with you about things like providing nutritional guidance for persons with eating disorders, assisting those with developmental disorders to sensory-regulate, endocrine therapy for transgendered, transitioning persons, myofascial release for chronic pain and migraine, gentle physical fitness groups for persons with eating disorders and more. We often refer out for these types of services and would be thrilled to have you in-house part, or full time. We have individual offices, small and large group space available.

Licensed Behavioral Health Clinicians
These positions are currently full. Please email or call to be interviewed and put on the wait list as positions open.
LCMHC, LICSW, LMFT – we welcome you all at NHC CBT! Bring your specialties or interest in developing them, and we will help you create a unique path to success and achievement. Supervisor, Ethics and Suicide Prevention workshops offered on-site.

Pre-Licensed Clinicians
These positions are currently full. Please check back or ask to be interviewed for a hiring wait-list as our current clinicians become licensed.

To Apply:

Email and attach your resume or CV along with a cover letter explaining your credentials and areas of interest.