Animal Partners

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Shug Bear, CGC
Founding Therapy Dog
Human Partner: Sarah V. Revels, LCMHC

Shug is a typical fully-grown, Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. That is to say, she is a 100-lb goofball who will never grow up, and that’s the way we like her! Shug was our Founder’s first therapy animal, and they continue to work together today. You will see Shug’s accolades adorning the halls of NHC CBT. 
*Fun Fact: The puppy you see on the cover page of the NHC CBT website, is Shug at 4 months old and 40lb.


Emma, CGC
Therapy Dog, NHC CBT Mascot
Human Partners: The Whole Team

Emma is our floating cloud of love and our team mascot as she can be found all around the center, and prefers to sleep there at night! Most of our clients know Emma, and if you want to give her a snuggle, just ask, she is usually around and happy to visit. Emma is a Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog, 115lb and is a breast cancer survivor. She was rescued in Tennessee and is thought to be about 7 years old.

*Fun Fact: Both Shug and Emma have earned the national Canine Good Citizen title, and passed a Pet Partners Therapy Team evaluation.


Therapy Bunny in-training
Human Partners: The Whole Team

Beck is a Holland Lop, teenaged therapy animal in-training. Since his time joining NHC CBT, Beck has shown incredible acrobatics and antics during his floor routines, a growing curiosity and trust with clients – he will visit you on the couch or let you hold him like a baby, and a taste for any treats he can find! If you’d like to visit and feed Beck, please bring in hay or dark greens. He also enjoys branches of fruit trees, toilet paper rolls, most small-animal toys, and running free through the halls of NHC CBT. If you’d like Beck to join your session, just ask and he’ll “hop to it.” Yup…we went there.


Sigmund Bird
Therapy partner in-training
Human Partners: Sarah Revels, LCMHC and Amanda Fortin, B.A.

Siggy is a teenaged, (about 2 years old) Green Cheek Conure; a small parrot. Sig enjoys having his feathers gently back-brushed, eating fruit, tearing up paper and can laugh and give kisses. He’s an incredible cuddler and is always looking for new experiences – like figuring out how to turn a lamp on and off. Sig can be a bit shy at first, but if you want to bond with him, ask for him consistently in your sessions and your therapist will assist you. Note – not all clinicians are trained to work safely with Sigmund. If you’d like him as part of your treatment team, please ask for a clinician trained to facilitate that.
*Fun Fact: Siggy is named after a character from the movie, “What About Bob?” but likes to tell people it’s after Sigmund Freud.

Therapy Dog
Human Partner: Rachael Wizwer, LICSW, MLADC

Nemo is a 12 year-old, Pomimo, a cross between a Pomeranian and American Eskimo. On Saturdays, he is Therapy-Dog-in-Charge. Nemo is playful, small, and sweet. Gentle enough to hang with Beck and friendly enough to announce his next “guest.”

Therapy Dog-in-Training
Human Partner: Jaimeanne McGrath-Romero, B.S.

Anakin is an Australian Shephard puppy, in-training and working with, Jaimeanne. Very smart and a total lovebug, Anakin joins Jaimeanne for most of her sessions. He has already come such a far way, learning his work, and it seems like only yesterday team members were taking turns holding him as a tiny fluffball at meetings!

Coming soon! 
Arson,  Dog-in-Training
Human Partner: Buddy Hackett, B.S., CVDC

Arson is a 10 month-old, Chocolate Lab, in-training, who will be hanging around with Buddy Hackett. Arson is highly-trained and reliable, but still young and learning. So, be sure to ask Buddy the best ways to interact with Arson, and support his training. Arson, we can’t wait to meet you!

Coming soon!
Chloe, Therapy Dog In-Training
Human Partner, Jesse Schram, LICSW

Chloe is a bright-eyed, playful lady, with a “Golden” personality. Snuggly and silly, as Golden Retrievers tend to be, Chloe is looking forward to all the new friends she will get to meet at NHC CBT.