NHC CBT Grand Opening

Welcome to NHC CBT!  Now pre-booking clients for our core staff.

August 2017 brings us to our Grand Opening at 15 Concord Road, Lee, NH 03861. How amazing that we have such a beautiful, serene location and it’s only a 10 minute stroll from the seacoast bus stop and moments off the Lee Traffic Circle. This means we can easily serve the residents of Strafford County as well as places such as Portsmouth, Dover, Concord and Manchester. In fact, our staff come from all of those places every day driving right down Route 4 or Route 125.

You may have noticed a few fluffy, friendly faces on the staff page. NHC CBT has two certified therapy dogs, and on in-training. Since Lee, NH where we are located is an agricultural community you can bet we will be adding more animals to support our treatments. Stay tuned!

Currently we have an amazing core staff to serve clients of all ages through individual, couples, family and group therapy. Everything from Emotional Disorders to Substance Use Disorders. We all use evidence-based practices and many of us have complementary trainings to enhance CBT, such as expressive arts, movement and animal-assisted therapies. In the coming weeks we will be posting welcome videos and recommended resources from each of our unique staff. We hope this helps you, or a client you are referring, to choose just the right person. Our intake staff are also trained to help guide you through the staff matching process and can speak with you about your needs. Everything from finances and schedule to goals is considered before you even meet with your clinician. Although we can always refer in-house or to outside sources, we strive to provide as little “therapist hopping” as possible and promote continuance of care by paying our staff competitive wages and providing unheard of benefits in group practice. We are hoping they will stay for a long time and be happy – which hopefully makes you happy and provides a better outcome for everyone.

If you, or someone you know, is a Psychiatrist, Behavioral Health Nurse Practitioner or Evaluating Psychologist and interested in joining our team part time or full time please be in touch! We are holding office space just for you and welcome you to our education-focused clinic with open arms.

Clinicians, keep your eyes on our Events and Education pages. That’s where we will post about continuing education workshops. Currently NHC CBT has two which have applied for NBCC approval. The first is regarding Animal-Enhanced CBT and the second is Behavioral Health Supervisors Workshop for beginner through advanced level supervisors. NHC CBT plans to apply for ACEP status and if NBCC approves us we look forward to many more events.

Working across “guild boundaries” is important to us. So we will be seeking CE/CEU approval for our events from the LADC and Psychologist Licensing boards. Once we have medication prescribers on staff we will also actively seek continuing education hours for those licenses as well.

Thank you for checking in on everything so far. We look forward to this journey together and hope to become an excellent neighbor in N.H.


Sarah V. Revels, LCMHC
Founder, Managing Clinician